References: E.max crowns

1. E.max veneers on upper front teeth

E.max veneers are excellent for solving aesthetic problems like closing gaps between two teeth (diastemes).

2. E.max crowns on teeth

We gave back to our 75-year-old patient his beautiful and healthy smile by using E.max crowns.

3. E. max crowns placed on natural teeth

Esthetic restoration of 4 anterior teeth with E.max crowns of the upper jaw.

4. E. max crowns placed on natural teeth

Thanks to the E.max crowns our young patient can smile again with confidence

5. E. max crowns placed on natural teeth

Our patient suffering from tooth enamel erosion chose E.max crowns to restore her smile and dental function. The result is stunning.

6. E. max crowns on front teeth

Our patient received implants in the upper posterior region following bone graft, onto which metal ceramic crowns were mounted. In the more pronounced front region E. max (i.e. full ceramic) crowns were fitted. The result is a bright, nonetheless natural, smile.

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