Payment and warranty

Payment at our clinic is either by cash, bank card or through wire transfer.

Please remember that payments by credit card and bank transfer are subject to a bank handling charge. Although the safest payment modes, they are also the most expensive ones with additional costs incurred both by you and our clinic. This shall be borne in mind when deciding on your payment mode.

Bank transfer shall be initiated prior to, or concurrently with the commencement of your treatment, such that the funds are credited to our account during your visit. In case you opt for this payment mode, please notice our receptionist in advance.

With cash and credit card payments, at least half of the total amount is payable on commencement of the treatment.

Please ensure that your card payment limit is adequate.

Suba Dental assumes a 5-year warranty on implants, a 3-year warranty on fixed tooth replacements (crown, bridge) and a 1-year warranty on fillings and removable prostheses (dentures). For provisional fixed or removable replacements, there is no warranty.

Warranty is assumed provided:

  • the fault is imputable to an omission on the part of the dental laboratory or the dentist, or can be attributed to material failure or a fitting issue.

  • You comply with the instructions given during and after the treatments.

  • You report for the mandatory annual check-ups and oral hygiene treatments (as scheduled per individual requirements).

The warranty shall solely cover costs incidental to the dental treatments, fees incurred on ensuring the conditions for the dental repairs (such as domestic and overseas fares and other personal expenses) are not covered under this warranty.

If you have any inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.

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