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Our dental clinic is chiefly specialized in implantology (dental implants), oral surgeries performed in conscious sedation (implants, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants) and aesthetic dentistry. Our highly qualified dental practitioners participate in numerous domestic and international training courses. Patients from over the world avail themselves of our services including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, the United States, etc.

State-of-the-art implant machinery complements the cosy and amicable ambiance of our clinic. The dental materials used by us are mainly Western European, US and Japanese makes. Crowns, inlays, dentures, fillings, etc. are manufactured with cutting-edge technology using high-quality materials and complying with European standards. Our staff ensures that your dental intervention is associated with a minimum amount of pain, and that you leave with a healthy and confident smile.

Our modern and upmarket clinic is situated in the beautiful greenbelt area of Rózsadomb (Rose Hill). Suba Dental can be excellently approached both by car and by public transport. Your treatment is rendered less distressing by our tastefully appointed waiting room equipped with television, Wi-Fi with ambient music playing in the background. Our clinic also hosts a temporary painting exhibition, with each of the paintings on display on sale.

The team of Suba Dental

Clinic hygiene

At our clinic, in addition to providing high-quality dental care, we do our level best to ensure a relaxing and cleanly atmosphere. Immaculate cleanliness in a dental clinic is essential for our patients to feel at ease and relaxed.

The following areas are instrumental in creating an ideal and clean clinical ambiance:

  1. The application of secure sterilising procedures, continuous infection control
  2. purified drinking water
  3. air quality (ventilation, air filtration and use of a central vacuum cleaner)
  4. clean surfaces and washbasins

1) Tools and machines used for sterilising dental instruments

W&H Lisa autoclave

At our clinic, a W&H Lisa autoclave is used to safely sterilise any dental instruments using steam technology.

Sterilisation is an antimicrobial procedure that destroys and inactivates microorganisms and their resting forms on sterilized medical instruments with different physical and chemical procedures or combination thereof.

W&H Lisa M Seal 12

Following sterilization, a W & H Lisa M Seal 12 foiling machine to be sterilized in the autoclave wraps the medical instruments. Thanks to this special packaging, the sterile condition of the instruments is guaranteed.

Water distiller

The distilled water treatment machine ensures the continuous water supply of sterilisers and dental treatment units. As a result, operation time is significantly reduced and the seamless operation of surgery machines is ensured by proper water quality.

2) Pure drinking water dispenser at our clinic

Our patients are provided drinking water in the waiting hall from a LUX AQUA LA2 automatic water dispensing and purifying machine that filters fresh tap water and disinfects it. The water-dispensing machine has a license issued by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (under file number KEF-9142-2 / 2015) and has the following features:

  • Pre-filter for filtering air contaminants
  • activated carbon filter to filter chlorine, and taste and smell destroying components
  • Virus and bacteria-free UV filtering and protection systems, dispensers with the highest water purity rating (patented UV Firewall)
  • BioCote, external protection, and silver ion-coated plastic providing against bacterial adhesion (patent-protected)
  • BpA free, made of bisphenol-free plastic

3) Air purification in our office (ventilation, air filtration, central vacuum cleaner)

Clean air supply in our dental office is provided by a central ventilation system of type SYSTEMAIR SAVE VTR 500. The specially designed ventilation network allows balanced ventilation of the entire dentist’s premises. The device is guaranteed to supply the right amount of fresh, filtered air into the office. This air is free from outside dust and pollen, and is supplied without creating the sensation of draft. The process is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Also installed at our clinic is a FUJITSU ASYG 09 LMCA air conditioner. Our air conditioner maintains the indoor temperature at a certain, comfortable level (cooling or heating as necessary), while also re-filtering, deodorizing and disinfecting indoor air.

In order to maintain air purity, the clinic is vacuum cleaned using a SYSTEMAIR Wolly 2 vacuum cleaner. Conventional vacuum cleaners only remove part of the dust, part of which returns with the exhaust air released by the vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of a central vacuum cleaner:

  • the intake air is channelled into the open so no dust returns to the clinic
  • thanks to its large suction power, it also removes the smallest dust particles and mites
  • extremely low operation noise
  • means of cleaning even for those allergic to pollen or dust

4) The purity of the surfaces and the premises of our clinic

At our clinic, extreme emphasis is laid on cleanliness and disinfection to protect our patients.

In designing our clinic, the utmost attention was paid to ensure that walls and surfaces are easy to wash and disinfect in compliance with the regulations. To this end, the wall and floor junction has also been designed in a rounded fashion.

Our disinfectants are carefully selected with a comprehensive range of products providing for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces (instruments, medical devices, impressions, minor or large surfaces, hand and skin disinfection, etc.).

We subscribe to the notion of eco-dentistry and use products of the Swiss company UNIDENT (Unisepta, Dermocol, Micro 10, Vacucid), which are produced and shipped using materials with a lesser impact on the environment (ECO Engage quality policy). The essence of eco-friendly dentistry is providing the patient and medical personnel complete hygienic safety without contaminating the environment. Concentrates do not qualify as environmentally hazardous even though they thoroughly destroy harmful microorganisms and thus break the infection chain. They contain no allergenic substances and are produced with molecules that do not accumulate in the human body. Concentrates easily decompose in the environment (BIODEGRADABILITY) and can be reused in recyclable plastic bottles (HDPE), thus contributing to “green dentistry”. They have the quality certificates EN (European Norms) and ISO (14001, OHSAS 18001).

Eco engage logo -Unident

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