Information on the coronavirus

Dear Patients,

Suba Dentál continues to look forward to seeing you at the scheduled appointments.

With a view to preventing coronavirus infection, SUBA DENTAL draws your attention to the following:

  • Please put on shoe covers immediately upon arrival at the clinic, thoroughly wash your hands and use the hand sanitisers provided in the waiting room
  • Forgo routine greeting protocols such as handshakes, kisses, embraces
  • Bring no escorts along to the premises
  • Please report to your appointment on time in order to minimise waiting time in the waiting room
  • Avoid crowds, mass gatherings, and refrain from attending public baths, etc.
  • Visiting patients at hospitals and other healthcare institutes is not recommended
  • Forgo personal encounters with aged individuals
  • Postpone visits to infected areas
  • Avoid or minimise personal contact with other people
  • Do not attend the clinic in a febrile condition or if you have developed a cough until the type and origin (viral or bacterial) of your infection is established

If it is subsequently brought to your knowledge that you are infected with coronavirus, you must forthwith notify SUBA DENTÁL’s manager and proprietor Dr. Csongor Suba orally or in writing.

If a patient displays the aforesaid symptoms (high fever, low fever, dry cough, fatigability), we do not begin the dental treatment and are also obliged to notify the competent authorities.

As regards subsequent duties in connection with the epidemic Suba Dentál proceeds as per the recommendations and injunctions of the health authorities, any changes of which will be communicated to our patients.

For further, updated information see www.nnk.gov.hu and www.koronavirus.gov.hu

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Suba Dentál’s Team