Get your perfect smile in as little as 5-7 months with clear aligners A beautiful, immaculate smile boosts your self-confidence. Get your shining smile with a clear aligner treatment.

  • fixed price for both dental arches
  • the orthodontic device is all but invisible
  • comfortable wear
  • high efficiency
  • easy and quick removability, if required
  • uncompromised oral hygiene
  • predictability of treatment duration
  • viewing of digital plans prior to treatment commencement

The treatment takes place in stages, with clear medical plastic splints replaced biweekly until the teeth are aligned into the desired position. In simpler cases it suffices to visit the clinic once during the treatment, since the patient receives all necessary orthodontic splints in advance.

The course of the invisible teeth alignment

  1. Impression taking

Prior to the commencement of teeth alignment, a consultation is due during which condition assessment takes place and the requests and options are discussed with the treatment specialist. This is an important aspect of treatment initiation, which is why a quick and painless impression is taken, if need be, by means of a digital oral scanner. This is required to record the current position of the teeth. Impressions are indispensable for planning the treatment.

  1. Viewing of plans

The greatest benefit of invisible teeth alignment is the fact that the actual results become visible following planning. We will be able to see the duration of the treatment as well as the change in the position of teeth step by step until the desired result is achieved.

  1. Handover of splints

The handover of splints takes place at the clinic at all times. This is when the treatment doctor shows the plans and hands over the splints necessary for the treatment. If required, they also perform other treatments related to teeth alignment. The doctor inserts the first splint and shows the patient its insertion and removal. They also walk the patient through the rest of the treatment as well as the cleaning of the teeth and splints and their wear.

  1. The retention phase

Healthy and commendable as the results achieved through teeth alignment may be, it is only partial success as the correct position of the teeth need also be retained. This necessitates what we call a retention phase following invisible teeth alignment, a requisite for which is wearing a retainer. The retainer can either be removable, to be worn at night only, or it can be an arch glued onto the inner surface of the teeth that ensures continuous wear. The type of the device is jointly determined by the treatment doctor and patient, factoring in the patient’s habits and life style.


The custom package price will be determined in the course of a personal consultation, subject to the patient’s requirements and the extent of teeth alignment required.

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