The custom package price will be determined in the course of a personal consultation, subject to the patient’s requirements and the extent of teeth alignment required.


So many people, so many kinds of tartar

With some people, it is easy to remove, while others have tough, discoloured tartar; for some, it requires frequent removal, while others we will barely have any tartar forming in 2 years’ time. At our clinic we strive to give bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

1. Tartar removal including teeth polishing (basic package)

Tartar is removed with the use of an ultrasound device and the surface of the teeth is then polished with a polishing brush and polishing paste. Treatment duration: 30 minutes.

2.Tartar removal by sandblasting, teeth polishing (golden mean package)

Tartar is removed with an ultrasound device and the surface of the teeth is cleaned by means of fine-grained sandblasting (Prophy-Mate Neo, NSK) and polishing. With this treatment tougher stains and locations inaccessible with ultrasound can also be cleaned professionally (crowded teeth, teeth with orthodontic splints, teeth discoloured due to coffee, tea and smoking, etc.). Treatment duration: 40 minutes

3. Guided biofilm therapy (premium package)

The treatment begins with dying the plaque on the surface of the teeth to verify the thoroughness of home brushing and highlight any shortcomings in our patient’s brushing routines. In the course of this treatment biofilm and tartar are removed by intensive sandblasting. In the next step, mature, firmly adhering tartar is removed with an ultrasound device, and the surface of the teeth is cleaned with a sandblaster. In certain cases, sand/dust of several grain sizes may be necessary.


  • the gentlest tartar removal method
  • the least painful solution
  • the most pleasant of all scaling methods, and is therefore recommended for everyone from children to those with implants
  • Thanks to plaque dying, the patient gets an obvious insight into any shortcomings they may have in their oral care
  • At the end of the treatment an enamel-reinforcing mask is placed on the teeth

Treatment duration: 50 minutes.

4. Premium package with home oral care advice (combined premium package)

Participate in a premium-package tartar removal treatment combined with advice on proper practices of home dental care (“home sweet home with beautiful teeth”).

Target groups:

  • post-implant care patients
  • wearers of fixed or removable replacement teeth
  • patients affected by periodontal disease
  • wearers of fixed prosthodontic devices
  • “dental hedonists” looking to receive theoretical and practical further training from the best in the profession, and to be acquainted with the cutting-edge products in oral care

In the course of the treatment not only do you undergo premium tartar removal, but you are also shown how to correctly and efficiently clean your teeth and replacement teeth. The oral care products (tooth brush, tooth paste, dental floss, interdental brush and enamel reinforcement gel) used during the demonstration can be taken home. During the session pictures are taken of the correct use of dental care devices.

Treatment duration: 80 minutes

5. Curasept Biosmalto Mousse, fluoride-based enamel reinforcement and sensitivity reduction professional treatment

Our clinic now has the full Curasept Biosmalto product line-up intended for the treatment of

enamel-related problems! Using this professional mask is simple and fast and feels a treat due to its strawberry or mint flavour.

What problems can the Curasept Biosmalto product line-up handle?

  • caries prevention
  • treatment of acidic erosion
  • abrasion
  • tooth sensitivity
  • enamel reinforcement
  • reduction of sensitivity following teeth whitening
  • Post-scaling enamel reinforcement, reduction of sensitivity

How does work?

This biologically inspired technology is based on the extraordinary reactivity of amorphous calcium-phosphate (ACP) which transforms quickly into hydroxyapatite, an essential building block of tooth enamel and dentin. Upon reaction with the saliva the particles dissolve instantaneously, the active substances are swiftly released and make their way to damaged areas, remineralising dental enamel and dentin. The unique composition of Biosmalto products ensure reliable enamel protection across all age groups.


  • instant effect
  • biomimetic composition
  • it is biocompatible, exercising no harmful effect on the body
  • clinically tested
  • suited for patients allergic to lactoprotein
  • applicable in case of dry mouth

The course of in-office treatment, that is, “getting it rolling”:

  • Biosmalto Mousse is spread over the teeth as a mask
  • it is allowed to exert its effect for 3 to 5 minutes
  • following treatment, no rinsing is allowed, any excess matter should be discharged through the mouth
  • eating and drinking is forbidden within 30 minutes of the treatment

In-office treatment should be repeated at certain intervals, subject to the extent of complaints and problems. Advice as to the frequency of such treatments will be given by the specialist conducting the treatment.

To continue the treatment initiated at the clinic at home, you can use the following on a daily basis:

  • Curasept Biosmalto toothpaste
  • Curasept Biosmalto rinse
  • Curasept Biosmalto Mousse

The home use of the above products is a perfect continuation of the professional treatment.

Home-use of the Biosmalto Mousse:

  • brush your teeth thoroughly
  • apply the mousse over the affected teeth or all teeth with a soft brush or a dry and clean finger on 1 or 2 occasions daily
  • allow it to settle for about 2 minutes
  • spit the excess material without rinsing
  • after application of the mousse forgo eating and drinking for at least 30 minutes

Please feel free to address any questions to our colleagues who will be pleased to give your further information on the product line-up and treatments.

Further informations

After Dental Scaling
NSK Prophy-Mate Neo
Curapest Biosmalto Toothpaste
Teeth whitening

At our clinic, three teeth whitening methods are used:

  • home whitening
  • in-office whitening
  • internal whitening of a tooth (walking bleach)

All these procedures are gentle and cause no damage whatsoever to the teeth. Their operating mechanism is best likened to deep carpet cleaning. The teeth whitening substance placed on the teeth reaches the depth of the tooth enamel surface dissolving the deposits and resulting in a whiter colour.


Is teeth whitening safe?
Is it safe? However, there are risks and limitations to its effectiveness, and it is worth knowing these before you start. These conditions very rarely rule out the possibility of whitening. Consult your dentist about the possible risks!

How long does a whitening treatment last?
It depends on the type of treatment you choose. Pola office+ in-office professional whitening takes up to 30 minutes (including preparation up to 1 hour), while Zoom AP takes 1 hour. Home whitening takes one and a half hours per day on average for about a week.

How long will my teeth retain the lighter tooth colour achieved during whitening?
This depends largely on the individual patient's personal circumstances, lifestyle, eating and dental care habits. In general, however, both the professional in-office and the at-home versions usually provide whiter teeth for 1-2 years. If you do not change your habits, the same causes that have previously caused your teeth to discolour will start the process of developing stains again, and the yellowish colour may return more quickly.

Can the expected outcome be predicted?
Unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict the outcome. The results will depend largely on the original tooth colour and your habits (coffee drinking, smoking, red wine drinking, etc.). Discuss with your dentist which whitening procedure he or she would recommend based on your habits that cause tooth discolouration.

Are there any side effects of whitening?
If the dentist's instructions are followed and the rules are followed, the vast majority of patients do not experience any side effects.

Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity to cold or heat, but this will disappear soon after the treatment and will not cause any permanent problems.

The sensitivity of the teeth after treatment can be reduced by the use of special gels/gel, toothpastes, mouthwashes. Please consult your dentist or dental hygienist for advice. Our experts will help you choose the treatment that is best for you.

The other most common "side effect" is gum irritation. This type of irritation occurs when a small amount of bleaching agent gets on the gums. This results in a burning sensation on the gums, which disappears after a short time.

Do the fillings in the teeth or the crowns on the teeth change colour during whitening?
Teeth whitening only removes any stains that may have settled on the surface of the fillings, it cannot change their original colour, nor can it change the colour of the crowns. Existing fillings and crowns should only need to be replaced if the colour of the bleached teeth is significantly different from the colour of the filling/crown.

Can teeth whitening be done during pregnancy?
In the case of pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, in-office or home bleaching is not recommended.

Important information before starting teeth whitening.

Whitening treatment should only be used on healthy gums and teeth. During the assessment, our staff will assess whether any preventive dental treatment is required before starting whitening. Most commonly, this may involve oral hygiene treatments, dental fillings or root canal treatment.

Home whitening

Whitening is preceded by thorough dental scaling at all events. The dentist takes impressions of the teeth following which the patient receives customized whitening strips (splints) and teeth whitening gel packaged in syringes. You are advised to perform whitening following a thorough tooth brush for 6 to 8 days. Being reasonably priced, this is the most popular teeth whitening method. It has the downside, however, that the whitening strip needs to be placed on by the patient at home for 1-2 hours/day, leaving the patient with a “home assignment”.

In-office teeth whitening with Pola Office+ professional

At our clinic teeth whitening involves, among others, the use of cutting-edge Australian PolaWhite products. The fastest teeth whitening agent worldwide, PolaWhite products efficiently yet safely whiten your teeth in a matter of less than 30 minutes. All PolaWhite products are developed with the utmost attention to the patient’s needs.

The main features of Pola Office +

  • This short treatment includes 3 8-minute-long whitening sessions (excluding preparations).
  • The gel-like consistency of the substance ensures maximum bonding and whitening effect.
  • Although Pola Office+ requires no teeth whitening light, using one can further accelerate the process.
  • The natural PH value of Pola Office+ ensures an utmost sense of comfort both during and post treatment.

Pola Office+ contains potassium nitrate, which significantly alleviates any subs

In-office whitening (Zoom Advanced Power)

Zoom Advanced Power is the cutting-edge office whitening system that is able to brighten several shades in a mere 1.5 hours. The special light source of the ZOOM White Speed whitening lamp is a quick and efficient solution to achieve the best results. In-office teeth whitening (chairside bleaching) is a procedure which can remove discolorations even in the inner tooth enamel. With the appropriate protection and isolation of the gum, the whitening substance is placed on the outer surface of the teeth. The whitening effect is enhanced with a special light which causes the whitening substance to release oxygen molecules capable of achieving a tooth colour 3 or 4 shades whiter.

Benefits of the method:

  • outstanding results achieved in one sitting in as little as 1.5 hours.
  • Perfect solution for foreigners coming only for a week and looking to get a crown by the weekend.
  • Ideal for patients “in a hurry” immediately expecting maximum results.
  • Recommended for patients not very keen on home whitening.

However, it has the downside that it costs almost thrice as much as conventional home whitening splints. Transient and individually varying tooth sensitivity may arise that can be eliminated using ACP Relief gel.

ZOOM lamp is manufactured by Philips, USA.

Internal whitening of a tooth (walking bleach)

We have often encountered people smiling at us having one tooth of a greyer shade than the adjacent teeth. This discoloration takes years to develop and the patient usually says “I’m used to it”, “it never aches” and thinks there is nothing amiss with that tooth. In our view, however, this puts patients at a serious aesthetic disadvantage when establishing new relationships, adjusting to a new workplace or a new environment since it will escape nobody’s attention that something is wrong with a person’s teeth. In such cases, patients are advised to avail themselves of a dental check-up, and start off with an X-ray in the first place. It needs to be established whether the discoloured tooth has undergone a root canal treatment. If the tooth is not root canal treated, a vitality examination can determine if the tooth is necrotic. If so, the tooth immediately requires root canal treatment. If root canal treated, the tooth will demonstrate the quality of the root canal treatment in the X-ray image. It is generally inappropriately treated teeth that become discoloured, with infection or interstitial fluid flow remaining in the tooth’s root causing the tooth’s crown to gradually become discoloured with the remaining infection, fluid infiltrating into it.

The success of internal whitening lies is an immaculate, hardwearing root canal sealant. If the root canal filling is adequate, the pulp chamber (nerve chamber) needs to be whitened from INSIDE and temporarily filled. This whitening procedure needs to be repeated as many times as required for the tooth to whiten up and attain a colour matching that of the adjacent teeth. Complete whitening (home or in office whitening) is also recommended at this point in order to enhance aesthetic results. Once white both internally and externally, the teeth are ready to receive a permanent aesthetic filling or a metal-free E.Max crown.

Tooth filling

At our clinic, we exclusively use aesthetic (composite), tooth coloured fillings. This filling is also ideal for replacing old amalgam fillings. Durable, yet barely visible, it is also free from any disputed health side effects.

Filling materials

Estelite Asteria

An exclusive light-curing filling material that is both simple to install and has outstanding aesthetic properties. Its colour scale covers the entire dental colour range, with beautiful results guaranteed even with slant sections, with the treated tooth edges being invisible. It can achieve a translucency and shade matching that of the original teeth. It is marked by perfect and long-lasting light-retentiveness and a smooth surface. It is chiefly used for filling front teeth, direct veneers, the re-construction of crowns for chipped off teeth and tooth edge replacement.

Manufactured by Tokuyama Dental, Japan.


A light-curing direct restorative composite filling offering an exceptionally natural look. In addition to its outstanding aesthetic properties, GC GRADIA DIRECT has all the characteristics that make for a long-lasting filling. It is easy to polish, in other words, a smooth and glossy surface can easily be achieved. It is resistant and flexible efficiently coping with bending and masticatory forces. Chiefly used for restoring and filling rear molars.

Root canal treatment

The veins and nerves responsible for the vitality of the teeth are inside the teeth. Should these be damaged for one reason or another, the patient may experience a strong and permanent pain, but the damage may also go asymptomatic. The problem may even entail tooth loss. Root canal treatment can salvage the tooth and eliminate pain. During this intervention carried out in local anaesthesia the root canal is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sealed with a root canal filling.


X-Smart Plus is an endomotor designed for root canal treatments facilitating the dentist’s work by substituting endodontic hand files by a machine-driven rotation file system. The machine’s revolutions per minute can be adjusted as required and has the great advantage that rotation is reversed (reciprocating motion) as soon as the file’s way is blocked, reducing the risk of the machine-driven endodontic file breaking off under the root canal.

Machine-driven endodontic files used for root canal widening are made of flexible nickel-titanium alloys also used in space research, allowing for the quick widening and thorough cleaning of the root canal. Thanks to its flexibility, the endodontic file is also excellently suited for curved canal paths. Machine-driven widening files are distributed in different sizes corresponding to the diameter of the root canal.

Manufactured by Dentsply; type: X-Smart Plus, Switzerland.

Raypex 6 apex locator

Raypex 6 apex locator is an electronic measurement device serving to determine the length of the root canal in an endodontic treatment. The device is fitted with two electrodes, one of which is connected to the oral mucosa and the other one to the file inserted in the root canal. Accurately determining the length of the root canal is essential in preparing a good root canal seal. When using this instrument fewer X-ray images are required during a root canal treatment, and less lead-time for the dentist to perform an accurate root canal treatment, which makes it particularly recommended for pregnant women, dentophobic patients.

Woodpex I apex locator

The Woodpex I apex locator is an electronic locating device used to determine the length of the root canal during root canal treatment. The device consists of two electrodes, one is touched to the oral mucosa and the other is connected to a needle inserted into the root canal. The accurate determination of the root canal length is essential for a good root canal filling. Using this instrument means that significantly fewer X-rays are needed during the root canal treatment and the dentist can perform the root canal treatment more quickly and accurately, which is why it is particularly recommended for use in pregnant women.

Inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays are used for restoring root canal-treated teeth and larger cavities. The dentist prepares the location of the inlay in the tooth and takes an impression used by the dental technician as a mould to make the inlay, which is cemented into the tooth. Inlays can be made from E.Max pressed ceramic, Bell Glass (ceramic-reinforced synthetic resin), gold, etc. This kind of restoration is more durable than ordinary tooth fillings, which makes it ideal for restoring the masticatory function of molars.

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