Fast, accurate and indispensable. With the new era of digital dentistry beckoning, we now have the Wireless Medit i700 intraoral scanner at your service.

When a digital impression is taken, a true-to-life replica of the tooth, or the polished tooth, is instantly displayed on the monitor for the patient and dentist to view in 3D colour. The biggest advantage of the digital technique is the maximum precision, it reduces the production time, the prostheses and crowns can be made faster, because there is no need for a courier, no need to plaster or make a master cast of the polished teeth, but the digital impression is on the dental technician's computer at the touch of a button!

With the use of an intraoral scanner the following fixed tooth replacements can be prepared: inlay, onlay, crown, bridge, implant-borne crown. Replacement teeth fabricated with the help of digital impressions are a lot more accurate than those prepared using conventional (analog) impression taking methods. Following impression taking the dentist can assess their work from multiple perspectives and with 100% accuracy, unlike in the case of impressions taken through well-established, conventional means. In this fashion, shortfalls that would normally go unnoticed for days later until the dental technician detects them, are evinced immediately. Faults are indicated by the computer thus the dentist’s work can be rectified in the dental chair itself.

Many people are intimidated by having their replacement teeth prepared or replaced due to the nausea experienced during impression taking. In the course of digital impression taking, however, patients no longer have to reckon with such discomfort seeing as the scanner is equipped with a small sized head. As opposed to the conventional method, no big copings and impression material is introduced into the patient’s mouth, but an oral scanner the size of a small tooth brush takes photographs of the teeth, tooth preparations as well as occlusion.

Digital dentistry has brought about an incredible breakthrough in the field of implant-borne implants and bridges. With the help of a Scanbody, digital impressions can be taken of the implant and the surrounding gums, thus the prospective replacement tooth can be accurately secured both onto the implant and the surrounding soft tissues.

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