The main profile of our dentistry is dental tourism, more specifically, implantology, oral surgery and aesthetic dental interventions performed in conscious sedation.

Our staff and systems are equally prepared for the reception and professional care of foreign patients, most of whom are Francophones, but our services are also highly sought after by patients from other countries (such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, United States etc.). Our physicians and staff members speak several languages. During treatment, staff members speaking the patient’s language are always present to facilitate communication.

At the first encounter, we offer the following:

  • Free consultation
  • Free digital panoramic X-ray
  • Free treatment plan and quote
  • Free transfer from the airport (provided if the treatment fee exceeds EUR 1000)

The digital panoramic X-ray device ensures precise X-ray diagnostics. The radiograph will capture each tooth, root filling, the surrounding periodontal tissues, as well as the temporomandibular joint and the maxillary sinus in a single photograph. By means of this examination of the oral cavity performed at our clinic, hidden lesions, chronic inflammations causing no complaints (dental foci) can also be explored.

In the course of drawing up the treatment plan, we take a number of photographs of the patient so that we can analyse the character, shape, colour, etc. of the patient’s face, profile and remaining teeth, in order to prepare the most suitable crown and bridge.

During the preparation of crowns and bridges, the dental technician will continuously consult the photographs to choose the right tooth size, tooth colour and ideal smile line. In our experience, patients are not very keen on posing, but at the end of the treatment, they are delighted to see that their beautiful teeth were worth the effort!

Photographs required for designing crowns, bridges and dentures:

  • Exterior (extrabuccal) photographs taken of the patient’s face, profile and smile.
  • Interior (intrabuccal) photographs taken of the patient’s existing teeth, the initial condition and the finished crowns and bridges.

For a better understanding of your treatment plan, please consult the figure summarizing tooth numbering and annotations used in dentistry and by insurance companies. For ease of understanding, please also consult the panoramic X-ray image. Numbering is assigned such that the patient faces the dentist, in other words, when looking at the X-ray, the left-hand side of your oral cavity will be on the right side of the of panoramic X-ray image.

If you cannot make it to Budapest to get an appointment but would like to receive a quote detailing your treatment plan, please send us the following by e-mail:

  • a detailed description of the desired treatments.
  • In what you think our clinic could be of assistance to you.
  • What kind of treatment you wish to avail of? e.g.:
    • I wish to have my edentulism treated with implants
    • I do not want to get implants
    • I would like to get my tooth extracted
    • I wish to get zirconia crowns, not metal ceramic crowns
    • I wish to have my teeth scaled and bleached
    • I wish to have my lower teeth done this year and have the upper ones dealt with in the future
  • Panoramic X-ray no older than 6 months.

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Budapest as a tourist destination has long been attractive what with its exceptional downtown area, its bathing culture, the various entertainment possibilities and more recently, its ruinpubs. Many websites recommend Budapest, which is not only inviting by reason of the many programmes on offer but also its reasonable prices.

The boom of dental tourism cannot be explained solely in terms of cheaper prices. Our dentists’ level of know-how is recognized the world over. If you spice up your dental treatment with visits and walks around the city, culinary tastings or other programs (visiting the Opera, going to concerts, boating on the Danube, etc.), your stay becomes more of a holiday than mere dental treatment.

Our colleagues at the clinic will help you with information and our closely cooperating qualified multilingual guides will do their best to make your stay a memorable one.

Our predesigned offers can be suited to individual requirements.

Combine the useful with the pleasant: discover our beautiful capital during your stay.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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