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Dr. Suba Csongor PhD,
Dr. Suba Csongor PhD,Dental specialist
As owner and dentist of Suba Dental, I professionally oversee the treatments being carried out at the clinic. My specialties include implantology, vertical and horizontal bone augmentation, 3D digital dentistry, prosthodontics and gnathology. I earned my dental specialist degrees in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University Budapest. Over the years, I have endeavoured to familiarise myself with all aspects of dentistry and perform my job to the best of my ability and the highest professional standards. It is my goal to bring complex oral surgeries within reach even for patients who were terrified of dentists before. In order to tackle dentophobia, we have introduced treatments carried out in conscious sedation. I conducted my scientific research at the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery of the Semmelweis University Budapest, I have published extensively and participated in numerous professional conferences. I earned my PhD degree at the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery, Semmelweis University Budapest. I am patient and a perfectionist and consider confidence-based doctor-patient relationship of the utmost importance. Languages spoken: English, French, German
Dr. Szénási Noémi
Dr. Szénási Noémidental specialist
I am Dr. Noémi Szénási, a specialist in dentistry and stomatology. I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry Semmelweis University in 1998 with summa cum laude and worked for 10 years thereafter at private clinics treating patients from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and Scandinavia as a dental specialist. I have been working with Suba Dental since 2016. With Dr. Csongor Suba we have been mutually supporting each other’s professional work since 2001. My specialties include digital dentistry, 3D intraoral scanner-assisted aesthetic prosthodontics (metal-free onlays, crowns, bridges and inlays) and endodontics (root canal treatments). I value working in an intimate and pleasant environment and dedicate my attention to providing treatments tailored to our patients’ needs. It is my belief that in dental care lasting results of excellent quality can only be achieved through devoted attention to detail, empathy, regular participation in professional further training, state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge dental technical background. All these conditions are met at our clinic. Languages spoken: English, German, French
Dr. Pálóczi Tibor
Dr. Pálóczi Tibor dental specialist
I earned my dentist’s degree in 2007 at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Debrecen. Alongside my continuous professional work, I have been continuously educating myself, having broadened my perspective in a number of both domestic and international courses and gained expertise in new procedures. These include my specialist’s degree obtained in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics at the Semmelweis Medical University, Master of Science in Dental Implantology earned at the University of Münster in 2014 and my degree in biological dentistry and complementary medicine earned in 2023 in the program organised by MOBOT (Association of Hungarian Oral Acupuncture Specialists and Biological Dentists). I have been using the PRF procedure based on the patient’s own blood derived platelet rich fibrin since 2016. Languages spoken: English, German, French
Dr. Kápolnai Kristen
Dr. Kápolnai Kristendentist
As long as I can remember, my attention has always been attracted to people’s smiles and I have therefore been dedicated to dentistry since early childhood. I pursued my studies in dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Szeged. During my studies I supported Suba Dental’s team as an assistant, and have been working as a dentist since having earned my degree. My specialties include digital dentistry, digital prosthodontics, aesthetic treatments, root canal treatments and preventive dentistry. In my work it is of the essence that my patients receive painless and high standard treatments in a relaxed atmosphere, and that even patients “with butterflies in the stomach” readily choose to return to my dental chair.
Dr. Salga Máté
Dr. Salga MátéDentist
Due to a childhood sporting accident, I spent a quite a long time in the dental chair myself, hence my attraction to the profession. I pursued my studies in dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Szeged, with my primary interests being conservative dentistry and the fabrication of aesthetic replacement teeth. In my work I follow the minimal-invasive principle by trying to prevent the formation of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity in close cooperation with the patient and seeking to proceed from minor interventions to major ones in the course of treatments. Alongside work, I strive to keep my professional knowledge up-to-date by participating in professional conferences. In my spare time I do sports and photography, but also have a strong penchant for the cinematic arts. Languages spoken: English, German, French
Dr. Ruska NikolettaDental specialist
I obtained my degree in dentistry in 2019 at the Department of Dentistry, Semmelweis Medical University, prior to earning my orthodontist’s qualification in 2023. In the course of my studies I laid special emphasis on gaining experience in all fields of dentistry. I used to work as a dental assistant for Suba Dental even during my university years. Over time it became increasingly evident that I was going to specialise in invisible orthodontics, clear aligners in my future career. I consider dental prevention crucial in the uninterrupted development of the dentition and the achievement of a balanced occlusion. My goal is to facilitate correct mastication, phonation and the prevention of temporomandibular joint complaints. In the process of the treatment I strive to create a relaxed atmosphere and gain the patient’s trust. Following a detailed walk-through of the treatment, we jointly agree on the solution best suited for our patient. Languages spoken: English, German, French
Changjun Lee
Changjun Lee
Languages spoken: English, Korean
Dr. Jancsó Judit
Dr. Jancsó Juditanaesthesiologist, conscious sedation
Our clinic offers the option of oral surgeries performed in conscious sedation, overseen by Dr. Judit Jancsó, who boasts nearly 40 years’ experience in the field. She has been working at the Oral Surgery Clinic of the Semmelweis University since 1974 and sees to the safe care of patients treated in conscious sedation in a number of private clinics. Her expertise and confidence have a calming effect on the patients and major interventions can be performed at ease with her cooperation. Languages spoken: English, German
Onódi Éva
Onódi Évadental hygienist, dental assistant
I earned my dental hygienist’s qualification in 2007 in Budapest. Since completing my studies, I have been working for Dr Suba as an assistant and dental hygienist and have longstanding experience in tartar removal, teeth whitening and oral hygiene consultancy. I do not merely consider this a job but a profession. I am dedicated to continuously expanding my technical knowledge and improving my French and English skills.
Krénné Jegesi Erzsébet
Krénné Jegesi Erzsébetdental hygienist, dental assistant
I earned my dental assistant’s certificate in 2011 and my dental hygienist’s certificate in 2012. I have been working for Dr Noémi Szénási since. To me it is my patients’ satisfaction that matters the most, which can only be achieved through the utmost professional precision, empathy and attention to detail.
Tikk Andreaoffice manager, front desk attendant
I earned my college degree in 2004 at the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the College of Szolnok. I have been working at dental clinics since 2003. Having given birth to 3 children I was excited to return to work after maternity leave. The Suba Dentál’s familiar ambiance and patient-centred attitude and cooperative staff make it a place where work is a pleasure. I like engaging with people and helping them. I consider it crucial that no patient’s questions go unanswered and that all patients leave contented and with good memories.
Szilágyi Luca
Szilágyi Lucadental hygienist, dental assistant
Bakos Bernadett
Bakos BernadettOffice manager
I believe that I can best contribute our patients’ smile by my helpfulness and know-how. My duties involve ensuring the seamless operation of the clinic, administration and liaison management. I earned my diplomas at the Budapest Business School and garnered experience at communication agencies.
Maklári Éva
Maklári Évareception
I graduated from the Árpád Secondary School Tatabánya, Division of French language. As an ardent traveller myself, I go on excursions in Hungary and abroad alike, and have even earned a tour guide’s certificate. I have been engaged in dental tourism since 2013, hold an interpreter’s certificate in French and an intermediate language certificate in English.
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