Case report Aesthetic makeover, preparation of an upper front zirconia bridge (93)

A young female patient in her twenties reported to our clinic with the following requests:

  • She was extremely dissatisfied with the aesthetics of her upper front bridge and wanted to get it replaced with a new zirconia bridge.

  • She was looking for metal free crowns to get the utmost aesthetic results.

  • She wanted to feel at ease to smile and recover her self-confidence.

Preparation of front zirconia crowns (aesthetic makeover)

At the first encounter a panoramic radiograph and photographs were taken of the teeth. Dr Suba and the patient discussed the options and decided in favour zirconia crowns for the upper front teeth (6 pcs).



Panoramic radiograph showing the four root canal treated upper front teeth and an old metal ceramic bridge

Following the filing and preparation of the teeth, precision impressions were taken thereof. All the patient’s requests and previously taken photographs were forwarded to the dental technician.

Tooth preparations with the old metal post-and-core abutments

Following impression taking provisional (acrylate) crowns are mounted on the tooth preps in order to protect them and provide reasonable aesthetics until such time as the dental technician prepares the permanent crowns. The trial fitting of the framework serves to verify the trueness of the impressions, the accuracy of the zirconia framework of the replacement teeth, as well as the seamless fit of the teeth on the master cast. The framework of zirconia crowns is white, designed with the use of CAD/CAM computer controlled technology and milled from a single block of zirconium.

At the trial fitting of the crowns the crowns are almost complete with the ceramics sintered onto their framework with a matte finish. This trial fitting serves to better verify correct occlusion (function), the shape and colour of the crowns, as well as the centre line and smile line (aesthetics).

Following the trial fitting of the crowns, if no adjustment is necessary, the crowns are given their glossy permanent finish by the dental technician. With the crowns permanently cemented on the patient was proud and at ease to smile again. Her feeling of shame was complete gone.

Brushing between the teeth is best achieved with an interdental brush

Many are of the opinion that replacement teeth require no tartar removal, but this is a misbelief. Contrary to popular belief, oral hygiene, the quantity and quality of tartar have a direct bearing on the long-term success of the replacement teeth.

With a view to the above you are advised to adhere to the recommendations below:

  • Report for regular annual check-ups, which is also a warranty condition

  • Professional tartar removal is recommended once or twice yearly.

  • Using dental floss (Super Floss) and an appropriately sized interdental brush is recommended at least once a day before going to sleep to keep the interdental spaces clean.

  • Thorough brushing is recommended after each meal, preferably with a soft bristled brush (e.g.: Curaprox Ultra Soft, Oral-B Sensitive, etc.).






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