Dr. Diófási Lili DMD, Dental surgeon

Dr. Diófási Lili DMD, Dental surgeon

I conducted my studies in dentistry at the Dentistry programme of the University of Pécs Medical School where I graduated in 2016 with cum laude honours. I recognised early in my undergraduate years that in order to achieve a precise job not only is thorough professional knowledge indispensable, equally important is relating to patient needs, empathy and continuous consultation with colleagues. As a member of a professional team at the clinic, I highly prize the opportunity of being able to solve problems with several viewpoints considered.

At Suba Dentál I am engaged in conservative dentistry and endodontics, and the preparation of aesthetic crowns, bridges and other tooth restorations. I take pleasure in dealing with children and do my best to make them leave without fear. I consider prevention of the utmost importance and lay emphasis on instructing patients on oral care and addressing any issues that may arise.

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