Information on the minimally invasive bone surgery device SA-320Piezomed (W&H)

An indispensable accessory of cutting-edge minimally invasive oral surgery, Piezomed (W&H) also features in Suba Dentál’s fleet of instruments. The operation of this surgical instrument and its feel in the mouth should be conceived of as similar to that of ultrasonic tartar removal. Highly similar in its sound, a tip vibrating at ultrasonic speed cuts the bone in a minimally invasive manner. In simplified terms this Piezo instrument is an oscillating scalpel designed to resect bone substance in bone graft surgeries and other hard-tissue interventions such as tooth extraction, resections, etc.).

Bone substance in the mouth can be resected in two ways:

  1. Bone substance is “drilled away” or a hole is bored into it by the surgeon.
  2. A minimum amount of bone substance is drilled away by means of a piezo in a minimally invasive manner.

The advantages of piezo surgery:

  • Increased security in performing different surgical interventions such sinus lift, tooth extraction, root tip resection (apicoectomy), the cleaning of root canals with a periodontal condition and periodontal pocket cleaning.
  • Brought into contact with the surrounding soft tissues, the tip of the Piezo will not harm or damage such soft tissues during bone resection (osteotomy). If bone is resected with a conventional rotating instrument, the tip of the drill may accidentally “come into contact” with soft tissues such as the tongue, gums, the maxillary sinus membrane (Schneiderian membrane), muscles, veins and nerves, and “snap at” the soft tissues, coiling them up and tearing them out.
  • By means of the piezo’s tip the oral surgeon can handle osteotomy with ease and composure without having to worry about doing harm to the maxillary sinus, “coiling up” or “grinding” in soft tissue.
  • Piezo surgery is reckoned as a state-of-art minimally invasive, atraumatic surgery seeing as in the course of the osteotomy a minimum amount of bone substance is affected, which greatly shortens healing time, rendering piezo surgery immensely more tissue-friendly than conventional bone grafts carried out with rotating instruments.
  • Piezomed is an innovative piezo surgical device capable of automatically recognising the cutting tips placed therein in the interest of optimal operation and maximum efficiency.
  • Piezomed has special LED-ring illumination excellently illuminating the surgical area.
  • The ultrasonic vibration of osteotomy tips generates heat on the bone surface which is perfectly cooled by the spray system installed in the Piezo hand-piece during piezo surgery.

Downsides of piezo surgery:

  • the device itself is extremely expensive.
  • The ultrasound vibration does not “bite on” the bone substance as keenly as conventional bone drills, and many surgeons do not have the patience to work with it.

Piezomed (W&H)

Piezo surgery can be likened to abdominal surgery. If there were no laparoscopic abdominal surgery, even a routine appendectomy would require a bigger incision meaning slow-healing wounds. With modern minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, however, many surgical interventions can be performed with less pain and trauma, associated with lesser scabs than conventional abdominal surgeries. Piezosurgical instruments have an ultrasonic operating principle, but have greatly increased capacity as compared to conventional ultrasound devices

Piezomed hand-piece complete with special Sinus tip sets.