Case studies: Zirconia crowns and bridges on implants

1. Zircon crowns on anterior teeth and implant bridges on the back teeth.

The patient got zircon crowns on his own teeth and received implant bridges in the upper posterior regions.

2. Full arch bridge on lower implants, removable denture with bar on the upper jaw

All teeth of our middle-aged patient had to be removed. We prepared a full arch metal-ceramic bridge on 8 implants fixed screw-retained abutments on the lower jaw. Because of the lack of bone volume, we prepared a bar retained denture on 4 implants for the upper jaw.

3. Full arch metal-ceramic bridge on implants

Our elderly lady patient’s upper denture was rehabilitated with a full arch screw-retained metal-ceramic bridge on implants, which is aesthetic, fixed and easy to repair in case of problems.

4. 2 full arch dental bridges

Our patient underwent one of the most complex treatment procedures, and after the removal of all his remaining teeth, he received screw-retained metal-ceramic bridges on 6 and 8 implants.

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