Case studies: Zirconia crown on natural tooth

1. Zirconia crowns on natural teeth

Replacement of teeth located in the front part is a delicate issue. The metal-free zirconia crown provides a natural-look, that makes the smile even more beautiful.

2. Upper and lower arch Zirconia bridges on natural teeth located in the front area

Zirconia crown is a perfect choice for replacing the teeth in the front area. After polishing, zirconia bridges were placed on the upper and lower front teeth of the patient.

3. Zircon bridge supported by remaining teeth and an implant

We made our patient’s smile stunning with a zirconium full arch dental bridge on his remaining teeth.

4. Zirconia crowns on lower front teeth

The brilliant smile is completed by zirconia crowns on the lower front teeth. The upper full arch bridge and the additional lower teeth, however, are metal-ceramic crowns.

5. Zirconia crowns on front teeth

We have created a truly brilliant, snow-white smile for our patient, which has made a huge change in her life.

6. Natural teeth borne full-arch zirconia bridge

Our patient’s teeth were severely damaged despite their young age. Fortunately, the teeth could be saved, for the most part, by root canal treatments and post-and-core abutments. The tooth preparations thus conserved made excellent abutments for the lower and upper full-arch zirconia bridges.

7. Zirconia front bridges on natural teeth

Teeth had to be removed from both the posterior upper and lower region, which were restored by Straumann implants. Following healing time, natural teeth remaining in the front region and rear implants served as abutments for two screw-retained zirconia bridges. Posterior implant crowns were retained by screw-fitted abutments.

8. Full-arch zirconia bridge on upper teeth

The teeth in the upper arch were prepared for crowns by root canal treatment and post-and-core abutments. Although our patient is over 70 years of age, all his natural teeth are still in place. His smile with the new zirconia crowns is rather appealing.

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