Case studies: Removable full overdenture

1. Removable full overdenture on upper jaw

All teeth of the patient were extracted. To replace missing teeth of the upper jaw, we prepared an easily cleanable, stably attaching removable full overdenture. To treat the lower jaw, we chose a fix solution: full-arch bridge on 6 implants.

2. Removable full overdenture on upper jaw

All teeth of the upper jaw of this patient needed to be removed. We replaced them with an easily cleanable, stable, removable denture.

3. Removable denture on upper jaw

As our patien was completely toothless we made her a removable Ivoclar denture. She was really satisfied with the restored masticatory function and was also pleased with the esthetics of the denture.

4. Lower full arch bridge on implants, upper removable prothesis

After the removal of all teeth of our 70-year-old patient, we prepared a full arch metal-ceramic implant bridge on 7 implants fixed by cement-retained abutments on the lower jaw. Because of the lack of bone volume, we prepared an aesthetic and stable prothesis for the upper jaw.

5. Removable overdenture

With complete edentulism a removable overdenture is an obvious and cost-efficient solution. As opposed to classical overdentures, today’s state-of-the-art overdentures are uniquely stable and aesthetic due to their convenient design.

6. Removable upper overdenture

What with the loss of bone mass, restoration of the upper denture was not viable with implants, and a complete removable denture was fabricated. A full-arch metal ceramic bridge was placed on the lower teeth and implants. With the tooth replacement in place, our patient’s facial traits changed beyond recognition.

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