Case studies: Combined prosthesis

1. Combination of fixed and removable prosthesis on upper jaw

Due to the decreased bone volume of this patient, implantation was not an option. The missing back teeth were substituted by a removable partial denture which was attached to the metal ceramic ridge fixed on the remaining frontal teeth resulting a perfect stability.

2. Combination of fixed and removable prosthesis on upper jaw

We extracted the back teeth of the upper jaw and replaced them by a removable prothesis attached to the bridge fixed on remaining natural teeth. The denture is connected to the bridge with the help of 2 precision attachments which are not noticable. 

3. Combined upper denture and lower full-arch metal ceramic bridge

While the lower teeth were comparatively easy to restore with a full-arch metal ceramic bridge, the upper denture called for a more complex procedure. Combined dentures are best suited for patients having partly retained their natural teeth but with whom implants are not an option for sundry reasons. The denture attaches to natural teeth, in the present instance, front teeth fitted with crowns.

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